#Thankful ThursdaysI come from a big family; no family is perfect, this I know … but I have always been so grateful for the many things that I’ve learned from the people around me.  I decided to start #ThankfulThursdays because 2019 is a year of making changes in my life, and spending less time worrying about what obstacles I cannot control. Life is about celebrating whether it’s a person or an event in life … and today, I would like to tell you all why I am thankful for my big brother, Kristopher Patrick.

For more than a decade, he has has dedicated his life to hair care and changing the lives of many, one haircut at a time. As a self taught barber, Kristopher has a keen eye for design remains one of Virginia’s (and now Texas) widely known stylists. Kristopher has taken his talents across the United States, working with the National Barber Association, being a platform barber at the Bonner Brothers Hair Show, and being featured as a stylist on Barber Inc Television. Remaining true to himself and always having a keen eye for style, his talents have been displayed among some of the most accredited barbers in the game.

Growing up, I loved having a big brother, it’s this sense of protection that a girl feels knowing that her big brother is always going to be there … to take care of any bullies who may come her way, to intimidate any guy who thinks he is worthy enough of your attention, and to teach you many of life’s toughest lessons along the way.  My brother and I are more than four years apart, but I consider him to be one of my best friends. As an adult, I have come to see him in a different light; he has built a strong platform in the barber community and been an inspiring brother, husband, and father to some of the best (and tallest) children I know. I remember the days when my brother was cutting hair in our downstairs bathroom as a teenager, and today, he now owns his own business, not only catering to clients from all over the world, but educating those who wish to become barbers, as well.  I know, to some it may seem rather simple, but when I see the man who my brother has become, it lets me know that someday, I can get there as well. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t cut a straight line on a piece of paper, so I certainly won’t be cutting hair any time soon, but I am working to build the same empire as my brother.

And so, to my big brother, thank you for believing in me and my writing.  Thank you for keeping me motivated, for yelling at me when I need it, and for always keeping it real with me.  Everything that you have been working for all seems so clear now, it’s never been about touching the lives of millions (even though you have), it’s about dedicating yourself to your craft and sharing it with the world.  It’s about being your biggest promoter, and believing in everything you do.

Thank you for encouraging me to live my life with purpose, and for always taking care of your little sister. I love you and today, I am forever grateful for you.


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