I’m good love, enjoy.

I wear a plethora of hats; I’m an aunt … a sister, a daughter, a babysitter, a friend, a confidant,  a full-time employee … a writer, a dreamer and everything in between. At night, when I take off all those hats, I am simply, “Alana.” Sometimes, I get so caught up in taking care of others that I forget myself in process. Self-care is necessary, it’s what keeps us going, what keeps us from losing ourselves among the chaos of life.  Self-care is more than going out and shopping (I mean, if I had it my way, I would do A LOT of self-care at Torrid), it’s about giving yourself a mental break!

There is no need to glamorize self-care.  Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that mean so much: a bubble bath and a glass of wine, indulging in your favorite chocolates … washing your hair.  We take these things for granted when sometimes, they’re little reminders that at the end of the day, you’re only human. Sometimes self-care is allowing yourself to feel, because we constantly are strong for others and never for ourselves.


         Self-care is disconnecting yourself from the world for a few hours and allowing yourself to recharge; sometimes you laugh … sometimes you cry.  These are the moments that we live for, the moments that are so precious, we hold them near and dear to our hearts. I’m not ashamed to say sometimes I cry; I don’t always necessarily know why, but because life isn’t meant to be  perfect.


Self-care is learning that it’s more than okay to walk away from toxic situations.

Self-care is meditation.

Self-care is prayer.


Self-care is taking time for YOU.


9 thoughts on “I’m good love, enjoy.

  1. It’s so crazy as I’m reading this I am currently sitting in the bath that my husband ran for me & I’ve been saying for months I want to just soak and read, just relax & breathe. And look at me self-caring it up while reading this bomb post. Great read 💗

  2. I’m huge on self-care. Like you, I wear many hats and tend to forget about myself at times. Even if I take five minutes to meditate, that’s my self-care. Lately I’ve been taking myself to brunch as a treat to myself. A moment where I can sit, be still, and enjoy some good food.

  3. It is amazing that we even have to justify taking a moment out to celebrate ourselves, to center ourselves, and to take a timeout. No matter how busy, whether we mothers (or not), we owe it to ourselves to relax so that we can be at our best. I enjoyed reading this post and I hope more women will take care of themselves without feeling guilty.

  4. Self care is so important!! I’m glad we are all starting to realize we have to take time for ourselves before we get burnt out. Taking time out for yourself may sound selfish to some but it is an absolute necessity.

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