Chapter 29: A Journey Not Yet Written

Chapter 29-2I thank God for many blessings he has so delicately placed in my life, and today, I thank him even more for letting me see my 29th birthday.  Another year of craziness, another year of change … another revolution around the sun. To say I feel blessed is an understatement, because there were so many moments in 2018 where I felt like there was nothing left … I felt as if there weren’t too many “options” before me; one thing I have learned is that giving up was never one of them.

When I started writing this post, I thought about all the excitement I might treat myself to: breakfast, because a girl’s gotta eat and – well, any excuse for a mimosa, but also taking out a little time for self-care.  A massage, maybe? Shopping, because I need to treat myself, right?

Instead, I figured the best mode of self-care is this: writing, sharing these moments with you on my special day.  Chapter 28 was truly a testament to what God can do in your life when you remember to breathe … when you remember that He is in control, even when it feels as if your world is spinning uncontrollably.  I let go and let God (because, life). I walked away from toxic friendships, toxic beliefs and an even more toxic job. I laughed, I cried, and learned to meditate in my own way.

I can’t say what 29 has in store for me, because if I knew how every moment in my life was going to play out, it would’ve saved me a lot of lessons that needed to be learned along the way. It’s crazy to believe that this is, officially, the last year in my twenties. In a sense, I’m terrified, but I made a promise to myself that being brave in everything I do certainly means more than living a life in fear.  So many people feel as if life gets crazy late into your 20’s …. I’ve never felt more alive because this, my friends, is just when life begins.
And to the little girl, born February 12th, 1990 … you’re killing shit girl.


Happy birthday, Alana!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 29: A Journey Not Yet Written

  1. DeLise Robin Jones says:

    This is beautiful Alana! From one writer to another, I am in awe of your post. Keep writing and sharing your knowledge baby girl. I’ll be the first to buy your book. Happy Birthday again and enjoy your day to the utmost!

  2. Annabel says:

    This was so beautiful to read. It’s truly amazing the things that happen when you let God into your life to take control. Happy birthday lovely – I hope you had an amazing day.

  3. labellevieblog17 says:

    Happy Birthday beautiful! Each year I get older, I look back on my accomplishments. Sometimes a want to do more and sometimes I wish I would have. The bottom line is I’m blessed to be in the space I’m in. Great post!

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