You’re Doing Amazing, Sweetie.

YOU'RE DOING AMAZING, SWEETIELately I’ve been feeling … doubtful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m human and it’s completely natural. I can’t ever really find a specific reason as to why I feel the way I do, sometimes I find myself thinking about all of the, “what if’s,” instead of sitting back and letting God take care of it all. This feeling, doubt, isn’t uncommon, it’s almost instinctual. In fact, I believe that sometimes we spend SO much time reflecting on the negative, that’s it hard to see all the positive around us. 

I thank God for his many blessings in my life, more importantly for the gift of writing.  Not because I can come up here and rant on different occasions, but because it lets me know that no matter how hectic my life gets, I can always share my story with the world. Why? Because, somewhere out there, somebody was going through the same thing, and couldn’t find the words to express how they’re feeling. Their voice has been silenced. 

“Doubt” is one those feelings we often try to ignore, but somehow it manages to creep it’s way into our mind: Am I doing enough?  Am I pretty enough? 

Am I … enough? 

Instead of letting doubt consume me, I’m working on ways to channel those negative feelings; rather than pondering on who I am as a person, knowing that I AM good enough is always easier said than done, but it’s a start.  As the days progress, I am learning to embrace change, and not feel as if the world is simply crashing around me because of inferior thoughts within my mind. I think doubt is a part of life, it manages to effect us in more ways than we know. It’s how we choose to handle those feelings that sets us apart from others. Until then, I just keep telling myself one thing, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie.” 

8 thoughts on “You’re Doing Amazing, Sweetie.

  1. jessierenea says:

    I can relate to how you feel. I have those days and moments too! Sometimes, I find myself having to regroup during my mental breaks and gain new positive perspectives! This is a great post ♥️ thanks for sharing!


  2. Nichole says:

    I always struggle with doubt. Especially when I’m making a change in my life. But you’re right, sometimes we need to call on God because he will ensure that everything we are doubtful of will be ok.

  3. labellevieblog17 says:

    It must be something in the water. I have been feeling the same. I have learned that self awareness is always key to being better for yourself. Once I feel that feeling coming, I boost myself up and I’m good. I love the title!

  4. Lani on Life says:

    You are doing amazing sweetie! I think it literally that time of the year. We set all these goals in Jan. and now we are faced with the…..who are you to think you could do that. Well, you are you NOT to think you can! Keep the positive attitude and you will shake it off and feel amazing again.

    Thanks for Sharing!
    xoxo Lani

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