Let’s Talk about SEX.

Let's Talk AboutWe live in a society where it seems as if women are held at a different standard from men. Men talk about their many sexual conquests and can openly express how bad they need a “bad bitch to come fuck,” or they need somebody to suck their dick (Yes, we’re getting into this) and everybody seems to be fine with it.

I’ve always been known to be open with my thoughts and expressions for quite some time, and to my dismay, I was a little more than disappointed that after posting something in a sexual manner, I was bombarded with, “women shouldn’t talk like that, it’s not appropriate” comments. 

I mean, I was baffled.

The double standards we live by are absolutely insane; how is it that men are able to express themselves freely, and because I am a woman, I am expected to carry myself with this innocence as if I were a child.  The banter women experience is unbelievable; if we dress provocatively, we’re shamed for loving our bodies, if we speak a certain way, we’re a bitch … and if we are open about sexuality and sex, in general, we are hoes. I loathe the fact that society can tell us to be who we are, and to love ourselves unconditionally … and yet, in the same instance, turn around and tell us that women shouldn’t carry themselves so freely, because some man in society is just waiting to call us out of our name.  Why should women continue to live in such a judgmental society and not stand up for ourselves? We can wear all the makeup we want, wear whatever we want, SAY whatever we want and guess what?  At the end of day, I will not be silenced by men who don’t approve of what I have to say.  

Hell, delete me, block me, stop calling me or whatever the case may be … just GO. I’m in the business of dropping folks like bad habits and will, literally, think nothing of it!

Sexuality SHOULD be open and free to all, I should be able to post what I want without any recourse from those around me or – for example, people I don’t even know.  The amount of men who look down on women who do the same things they do is outrageous, trust me.  Yet men are praised for being everything they do.  I’m … confused.

It’s time to break the barrier on double standards and create open dialogue that allows men and women to discuss sexuality without being judged or ridiculed.  I can’t say how I’m going to change the mind of millions with this post, but hopefully I can at least convince one person that the constant “slut-shaming” society does as a whole is grotesque and wildly out of fashion.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about SEX.

  1. Bethanni Williams says:

    I’m here for this dialogue! I’ve had to unlearn everything about what I thought was deemed “Good” about sex and how to move in society as it related to sex. This convo needs to be had so there’s less judgment and more embracement of what it is like to explore sexuality in a healthy way

  2. Jenn says:

    Good dialogue is healthy. What I don’t understand is why society always feels like men can do/say anything when it comes to that topic. But when a woman does she’s “fast”, “nasty” or a “hoe”!! Ugh… girl- Society standards make NO sense.

  3. Nicole Thompson says:

    You already know how I am on this topic, lol. I personally don’t care how people view me. I love sex and I love talking about sex. I love learning about new positions, toys, techniques- anything to please my husband and myself. There is nothing wrong with talking about it or being true to who you are.

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