Chill out, sisIn keeping with the “things we shouldn’t discuss, but I’m here for it” category, I wanted to write about intimacy, something some of us fear … something some of us embrace with open arms.  Intimacy – the feeling of being close to one another, to share a moment, or create ones that will last a lifetime. It’s one of those things, those human feelings that we need to survive, just to let us know that we aren’t heartless.  Emotions swirling through our minds, pulsating through our bodies; affection is inevitable.  Nobody wants to feel vulnerable anymore, because vulnerability is real, it captures you like a thief in the night and dares to not let go.  Why? Because … it’s easier to let go and shake off that feeling, that burning desire, rather than to admit that you are caught up in this moment … and maybe you don’t want to it let go.

People spend their whole lives creating intimate moments with other people, those moments we will think of for years and smile silently to ourselves – moments that fuel our desire for one another. It’s a sense of urgency that comes over us – the need to feel that person close to your body, skin touching skin: the most vulnerable contact. Your eyes meet and it feels like the world has stopped revolving on its axis, just for you – just to capture that moment in time. You look deep into the eyes of that person, and you know they mean much more to you than they will ever know.


You realize that every wall you ever built, shutting out those around you have suddenly come crashing down and you say to yourself,

“this is what it feels like, intimacy…connectivity…love.”


An intimate connection – a love for somebody that is so strong that you venture out of your comfort zone with them – they make you want to be a better person in so many ways. I truly believe that a person is most vulnerable when they’re naked; it’s a time where your body is exposed with another. It takes a lot of courage to be naked with somebody else … and yet, you realize that this person you’re sharing the moment with sincerely believes that you are beautiful, and you let go of all your fears and inhibitions – every imperfection you find about yourself is nothing.

A very wise person once told me, “You’re not perfect, but it’s your imperfections that make you the dynamic person you are,”  and it dawned on me that sometimes people see more of who you are, than you’re able to see of yourself.  And suddenly, it clicked in my mind …. The people who build those connections with you will forever see you at your most vulnerable state … and they’ll accept every bit of it.

Whether you’re naked for the hell of it, having a sexual moment, or doing something so sensual as taking a shower together, you relax.  You let everything else around you go, for in that moment, you’re captivated – taken by that person. You realize that all they want to do is make you feel safe, make you feel like you belong among a society who may look down on your imperfections.  It’s this feeling that can’t be put in mere words – this feeling that changes so much about you. This feeling that can only be described in one way: you’re free.


5 thoughts on “NAKED.

  1. Khy Ye says:

    “I truly believe that a person is most vulnerable when they’re naked…” I completely agree. Hell, what’s there to hide then? lol This is a great read that hit a lot of key points. I feel like you helped someone with this post and don’t even know it.

  2. Nicole Thompson says:

    I honestly wish more people would accept this truth instead of just looking to have fun. There is no greater feeling than being able to be yourself with someone. Having a love so deep for a person can make you feel so ALIVE!

  3. Whit Dubo says:

    Whoa! The timing on this post is a little scary. I feel like this was written “for me.” I have also self sabotaged my love life because of being hurt in my past. I’m working on just being in the moment and being free with this person. I realized that always waiting for the “ball to drop” was doing more damage to our blooming relationship. Thank you for this reminder. Peace and blessings to you.

  4. labellevieblog17 says:

    I love this! We have been taught that being vulnerable is not a good thing. The gag is that being vulnerable with the right person is the right thing. Dealing with those feelings and understanding that it’s natural to feel that way helps you grow as a person. Great post!

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