Let it GO.

Chill out, sis-4The majority of my life has been spent contemplating every single thing that goes wrong in my life, and, at times, I literally let it break me down.  Luckily, I’ve changed for the better – growing up, I spent a lot of time relying on the opinions of others because I felt like MY thoughts and views needed to be validated, but I couldn’t ever fathom why.

Life, as I know it, is always going to be a challenge, but what makes it amazing is knowing that I am still growing, still  learning about things, even at 29 years old. Looking at the world in such a negative light all the time does nothing for the soul but make one weary and tired, until they can no longer continue. Wait, stop right there. I don’t mean “no longer continue” as in…well, death, but I mean that they stop living a life with purpose and just go through the motions. Wake up, my friends!   It’s time for us to stop contemplating every decision, and be firm in our choices – after all, we made them for a reason, there’s no turning back.Whether or not they’re the right choice, only time will tell. Instead of learning from life’s lessons, we replay them over and over, wondering what we could’ve done … what we could’ve said in the heat of the moment. I’m not saying that if you’re thinking about robbing a bank to just go out and do it, but I’m saying that if you want to change your life, or change the world, you must first BE the change!

Stop settling for part time relationships with full time benefits from friends and lovers who don’t appreciate you. If a person chooses not to be in your life, move on. You have to learn to let go.  Every bit of baggage in your life is not meant to be carried on your shoulders, trust me. In the last three months, I can say I’ve experienced that, first hand; stop fighting a battle that won’t result in your victory. For those people who choose to abandon you in your time of need, don’t ever let them rise with you when you’ve achieved success – don’t be afraid to let. Them. GO.
Rid yourself of toxins and toxic people; remember, this is your life so be prepared for ups and downs, but also remember that things could be worse. God never puts more on you than what you can bear. You are the the captain of your ship – guide yourself to victory and prosperity.

Most importantly, remember that sometimes it’s ok push away your loved ones if they are bringing negativity in your life.  Don’t feel as if you have to hold onto them because blood is thicker than water … sometimes, the ones that hurt you the most are just that, blood. In your time of need, those who are loyal to you will stand by you. Surround yourself with love and positive people. Smile, you’re changing your life for the better. Trust me, today I woke up and decided to “clean” out my closet – I deleted numbers of pointless people in my phone, ended messy and toxic relationships, and most importantly, I rid myself of negative thoughts and energy. It’s time for a change.  It’s ok sis, let it go.

4 thoughts on “Let it GO.

  1. Well said!! “Stop fighting a battle,that wont result in your victory” this just pushed me to let go of something’s I’ve been holding onto.

  2. “Stop settling for part-time relationships with full-time benefits from friends and lovers who don’t appreciate you.” Why are you so LOUD? No, but seriously that’s a word. We can’t have people acting as seat warmers and taking up space!

  3. *slow clap*
    Sis, this is a word. My big sister and I were talking about just how pervasive entitlement is in our social culture. I had a friend who brought 25% of his energy to our friendship but felt upset and angry that I wasn’t there for him like I am the other friends in our circle. NO SIR. That’s not how this works. It’s really important to have the supportive but no nonsense relationships that can help us process the dynamics we have with people and help us understand when we’re due for some re-calibrating.

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