Let's Talk About-5I’ve dedicated the month of July to living with NO fear in honor of my brother; he was, without a doubt, one of the most fearless people I knew.  For that very reason, his birthday month is about nothing but happiness, gratitude, and not second guessing every choice I’ve made in my life. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on what makes me happy, and why I am so thankful for the many opportunities in my life.  God has always shown up and shown out, and there’s never a time when I seem to question his motives, because I know that in the bigger picture, it will make me stronger.

When I left Speedway, I had no intention of making any new friends at my job; my plan was to simply show up and work.  I had no idea that September of 2018 would usher in some of the most amazing women I have come in contact with, and how they would change my life.  Everybody needs a circle … a dedicated group of friends who are in your corner, and push you to succeed.  It’s never about competing with one another, it’s about coming together to ensure that all of us succeed.  Don’t get me wrong, my best friend, Nicole, has been holding me down for years, but with us living in two separate states I must admit that sometimes, it is more than devastating.  She knows everything about me and is always there to cuss me out when I need to get my shit together.

We live miles apart and yet, sometimes, there’s nothing like having that shoulder to cry on, that hug when you need it the most … those late nights spent sipping wine and listening to music.  This group of women I met: Octavia, Taylor, and Shakia, have brought so much light into my life. When I think about the person I was nine months ago … afraid of building new friendships, afraid of embracing myself – all of me, I thank God for them bringing me out of my shell and helping me live again.  I have nothing but gratitude for these women … so many thanks for remaining a constant in my life when, nine months ago, it seemed as if the only constant around me was the headaches that occurred daily from stress.  When I think about living fearlessly, I think about how we have come together and experienced so many beautiful things, together! These three have helped me love myself again, have helped me through dark times, and supported me without second guessing any of my madness.  

The energy around me feels better, I feel better.

They say that every woman needs a group of like minded individuals who support them in their time of need, and remain a constant in their lives.  I agree, there’s nothing I despise more than to see women tear each other down, and it’s a shame that it’s something we see almost everyday. I want to thank these women from the bottom of my heart for helping me let go of fear and latch on to freedom.  I wouldn’t have been able to embrace the beauty and sorrow of life again, without you. Thank you for helping me break out of fear.


2 thoughts on “GRATITUDE.

  1. Shakia cunningham says:

    God put us in each other’s lives for a reason, and I’m beyond grateful you ladies are my breath of fresh air after a long week of “life” I coudlnt ask for a better circle forever we will stand and support each other. Good or bad! No doubt about it

  2. taayeee says:

    I can’t thank you enough for being such a great friend and sister Alana. You guys are just want I needed in my life and I thank God everyday that I was able to meet such awesome women. I pray you all continue to prosper in everything y’all do. Love you guys forever! ❤️

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