Taking time for YOU.

Violated.-2For years, I spent so much time with a negative attitude about who I was because I had been so brainwashed about how society viewed me, as a plus size woman. Let me be clear by saying that beauty has no true shape or size; it’s a mantra that I have come to live by, because I constantly spent time comparing myself to others. No particular reason, I just wasn’t claiming my victory, I was so busy claiming others.

We read so many success stories about men and women who lost 50 pounds in three months and here we are losing a mere 15 and wondering what we did wrong. Changing your life is, what I believe, to be 50% mental and 50% physical. You have to do more than show up at the gym, it’s about surrounding yourself with positive people and making a change to your mindset, as well. Stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough, and stop comparing your journey to the next person. You are the master of your fate, and everything you do is within your power! I know, I know, so cliché, but very true.

We all know that with hectic schedules we are spread so thin!  If you reflected on how much “me” time you gave yourself in a weeks time, you’d be surprised at how little it truly can be.
Whether it’s a quick walk in the morning to get your day started, or a bit of afternoon yoga, it’s important to take some time for yourself; remaining active and living a healthy lifestyle keeps us moving, and working at our best!  We spend so much time on-the-go that we barely stop “smell the roses” (I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing) but hey, every woman needs time to breathe – time to relax after a stressful day.  Here are some quick tips and suggestions:

1) NEVER stress eat – On days when you’re feeling overwhelmed and have a lot to do, try light snacks such as granola bars, fruit, and remember to carry water.  Water is your friend!

2) Establish a morning ritual – Waking up refreshed in the morning is the key to starting your day.  Whether you choose to meditate, read or reflect over an inspirational quote, or some type of exercise, the key is to relax the body.  A morning spent in fury or frustration typically leads to a crazy day.

3) Set realistic goals. Whether you plan on walking every single morning for 30 minutes, make sure you aim to get just a little bit further the next day. Remember to stay motivated, despite what obstacles you may come across, positivity is the key to all struggles.

We spend so much time helping others that sometimes we rarely take the time to acknowledge ourselves for our hard work.  If you’re working towards weight loss goals, make a chart for yourself and assign an award system.  For example, after 15 pounds, why not go out and buy that bathing suit you’ve been wanting?  Make your final goal something spectacular: a vacation to the islands.Remember, balancing a fit lifestyle and investing time in yourself is crucial; if you’re feeling worn out, don’t ignore the signs!  Get out and do what makes you happy – after all, you know your body best.

2 thoughts on “Taking time for YOU.

  1. Sheniqua says:

    This was AMAZING!!! Of course we as humans but most importantly women, have a natural “take care” spirit but most of the time we’re ignoring our OWN needs and wants for the happiness of others. I’m definitely that person. I’ll ignore myself until I hit a “wall” then try and make me feel better, but I’ve been learning, if I’m not happy, healthy and motivated how can I possibly help someone else be…

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