Violated.-42019 was a year of change …. I decided to simply “go” for a lot of things that I may not have done before.  It’s this fear that we hold in our minds that keeps us from doing the things we love … fear of the unknown, fear of rejection.  Instead of sticking to the same phrase, “new year, new me,” I’ve decided, instead, on a word. 

I want 2020 to be a year of continued success, and that’s why I decided my word of the year is simple: progress.  Sometimes I struggle … not with the idea of being perfect, but wanting to make sure that everything I do is perfect.  To be honest I believe that since we are our harshest critics, it’s a natural instinct that won’t seem to fade away.  Instead, my focus has been to “live my best life” in 2020, and a major part of that is letting fear no longer stand in the way of what I am passionate of doing.  I can’t really explain why, I think it’s human nature, but sometimes we allow fear to overcome what could potentially be something that is successful, and yet we are so focused on the negative. 

So many people promise themselves, year after year, that they will change.  We will go get that promotion we want, lose the weight we have been so desperately trying to lose, save money, buy a home, etc, yet at the end of the year, we are stuck telling ourselves what we should have done.  Being brave, for me, is about taking control of all of the wrongs I have made in my life.  There’s something so powerful about living your life for YOU, because at the end of the day, continuing to live your life to impress others is nothing worth living for.  Changing your mindset is the key. Sometimes we are so consumed by all of the negative thoughts, that change seems inevitable; and yet I can’t imagine continuing to live in fear the rest of my life.  After all, we were put on this Earth to stand out among a crowd rather than live quietly in the shadows. Don’t get me wrong, some would prefer a more quiet life, but writing has given me a voice, and I plan on sharing it with the world.  I don’t know if this blog will ever reach one person, or a million, but 2020 is my year of progress. 


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