Let's Talk About-9 Nobody is perfect, everybody goes through something. This quarantine has definitely made me realize that through all of this isolation, self care is something that needed to be on the forefront of everybody’s mind. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Thank God I can sit here today to share my story after being diagnosed, and not knowing how things were going to work play out. So many people are suffering in silence, and this quarantine is bringing those negative thoughts more present in our minds. It’s a plague we can’t seem to escape.

Sometimes, it seems as if the world is crumbling around our shoulders and nothing we do helps.  The stigma surrounding mental health is so exhausting; when people want to reach out for help, they don’t out of fear … fear of being “crazy.”  When people don’t reach out for help and their depression, anxiety, etc manifests itself in unforeseen ways, guess what we are?  Crazy. I’ve come to realize that, as of late. Yes, I go to therapy and love it …. I have anxiety and to see somebody who not only listens to your problems …. but helps you understand them. They help you cope. I’ll admit it, I have insecurities, I’m not perfect and I damn sure never will be. Not being able to go to therapy, the way I would like, during this time has definitely taken a toll on me. But, being vocal about my problem also helps me remember I’m only human, I shouldn’t be expected to be perfect. The last four weeks have really tested me, and I can’t lie … sometimes the thoughts win. I feel so defeated.

 Our insecurities get the best of us, and the people around us don’t seem to care … or maybe they don’t understand, so they choose not to address them. I can’t fathom when there became such a prominent lack of emotion from people … how has the world become so distant in such perilous times?

It makes me wonder if a lot of people choose to live in silence about issues that are plaguing them, because the world can be so cruel.  It makes me wonder if, as a society, we have become so numb to our feelings that we don’t even understand or begin to comprehend our feelings and realize that we are NOT okay.  People can walk around with smiles on their faces and seem like the happiest of those around them, and yet behind closed doors, they cry themselves to sleep at night … and don’t know why.

Being in quarantine for months may seem like it’s nothing to some, but imagine those who need positive energy and people around them to thrive. Imagine not having that support system when you need them … you’re alone. I wish things were different, but we all know it’s not truly possible at this moment. If anybody is suffering, please reach out immediately. Just remember one thing: you’re not alone.

4 thoughts on “INSECURE.

  1. LaKaye Mbah says:

    I go through ups and downs, especially since I’ve been spending more alone time. It can be super hard. I just try to get some fresh air as often as possible and that makes me feel better. I also avoid the news. Talking it out also helps, so you’re not just playing conversations in your head over and over again.

  2. DeLise Jones says:

    We all have insecurities Alana and there’s no shame in that my dear. Anyone who tells you they don’t have insecurities is “Insecure” in some way shape, form or fashion, and they are just lying to themselves.

    I was watching CNN last night, something I rarely do but I’m glad I did last night. Taraji P. Henson was on Anderson Cooper’s show, and she was speaking about mental health in the Black Community. She founded an organization in her father’s honor, The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation (BLHF). He suffered in silence from PTSD from serving in Vietnam. It’s okay for us to seek therapy. After all, we’re the most traumatized group of people in the world!

    Love you Lana Boo

  3. The_Queen_Prints says:

    I feel you, we all need positive vibes around us to thrive, truly. Great post queen. It will all get better. in all things, remember to pray to God, he is still in the business of answering prayers. I am new to WordPress. I followed you and I would really appreciate a follow back. Here is what I do: I seek to empower women to find their inner queen. Lots of content is coming soon. I might also come out with merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, phone cases etc in the future with empowering messages on them. However for now, I am just focused on empowering women with information. I look forward to supporting your content.

  4. The_Queen_Prints says:

    Thank you for the follow. I am currently compiling an email list of the most supportive people in my following circle, and you are one of them. The people in the email list would be the first to know when I launch. Do send me your email so that I can add to the list. In addition, this list is also special because I will keep you in mind for freebies and benefits as I create them. Thank you for the support.

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