Edge Naturale (review)


So, I wanted to talk about an amazing product I recently got my hands on. A lot of you know I was very sick in November and diagnosed with large ovarian cysts and fibroids. Little did I know that as a side effect from having such heavy cycles and other issues, my hair would start thinning. It was my edges first, and my texture began to change, completely.

  Recently, I received a product from an amazing company called, “Edge Naturale.” It’s an amazing follicle enhancer packed with moisturizing oils (jojoba, peppermint, Aegean, avocado, castor)  and other natural ingredients. It has a delicious minty smell and works wonders! I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and can already see a difference. It keeps my hair soft without build up and my edges slick! I love it! 

Typically, I apply a small amount all over my edges and massage my scalp before bed. I’ve cut down on using so many heavy oils/products from other stores, and this one has been a hit!

Be sure to order yours today, you won’t regret it. Check out Shantel’s site and be ready to see those edges grow!

Log onto www.edgenaturale.com

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