You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

Lately I’ve been feeling ... doubtful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m human and it’s completely natural. I can’t ever really find a specific reason as to why I feel the way I do, sometimes I find myself thinking about all of the, “what if’s,” instead of sitting back and letting God take care of it [...]

I’m good love, enjoy.

I wear a plethora of hats; I’m an aunt … a sister, a daughter, a babysitter, a friend, a confidant,  a full-time employee … a writer, a dreamer and everything in between. At night, when I take off all those hats, I am simply, “Alana.” Sometimes, I get so caught up in taking care of [...]

A Note on Being Selfish (Because, life)

Sometimes our harshest critics are staring back at us when we look in the mirror; others are the ones we call our friends, or perhaps family. Too often, we are raised with the assumption that our family only wants the best for us, even if their words are less than pleasant. The problem, you see, [...]